Nigel Coombes MA PgDip ATCL - Bass Clarinettist/Arranger

Nigel Coombes joined the British Army in 1990 at the age of 16 as a Trumpet player. He spent the next year in Bovington Dorset. The following year he was relocated to Kneller Hall (Royal Military School of Music) where he continued his instrumental and academic training, studying Trumpet under Paul Archibald. On the completion of his training, he took his   first regular posting with the band of the 1st battalion Staffordshire Regiment in January 1992. He returned to Kneller Hall in 1994 to change his first instrumental study to Clarinet. During this time he undertook instrumental instruction from Mike Farnham and Paul Harvey. After 10 months he had the honour of joining the Band of H. M Irish Guards and took occupancy of the Bass Clarinet chair one year later. After joining the band Nigel began taking consultations with Peter Thompson. During his time with the band, Nigel has performed at many prestigious venues world wide. These countries include   Ireland, France, Germany, Czech Republic,  Macedonia, Egypt, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and USA. Venues include,   London Royal Albert Hall, London Festival Hall, Belfast Waterfront Hall, Dublin National Concert Hall, Melbourne Arts Centre, Sydney Opera House, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.          

  As well as performing with the Army, Nigel works in and around the London area as a freelance Clarinettist, but most of his musical satisfaction is gained from performing with various chamber groups like "The Inner City Four Clarinet Quartet" and the newly formed Woodwind Quintet "Classical Background". He also successfully completed a Master of Arts Degree in Performance with the University of Salford in the summer of 2008, and has recently had the honour of being excepted into the Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain.       

Nigel was the staff arranger for the Band of H.M Irish Guards for eight years, an appointment he left behind him as he moved to the Coldstream Guards Band in July 2007. He is also a Copyist for Reed Dimension Publications  setting many works for high profile composers such as Paul Harvey and James Rae. He also enjoys arranging and writing for various brass ensembles within the London Based Military Bands, the International Trumpet Guild, Kansas State University Brass and Alumni Ensembles. In January 2005 the International Trumpet Guild selected one of Nigel's compositions " Trumpet Salutations " to be published in their quarterly journal   which was distributed to a 6000 strong membership world wide. The World premier performance of this piece took place in 2004 at the ITG conference in Denver Colorado, played by the Kansas State University Alumni Trumpet Ensemble. His "Fantasia on the Theme of the British Grenadiers" saw its U.S premier performance at the same time. Nigel's works are now regularly featured in concert programmes at Kansas State University and many other Universities across North America and the U.K.

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  To hear a short excerpt of Nigel playing the 3rd movement of Brahm's 1st Symphony, click on the link below.

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