Here are some comments that have been made about the group.



I am impressed and delighted by the way the 'Inner City Four' have brought to life my recent composition for them, 'Inner City Suite' for clarinet quartet.  Their rhythmic drive, crisp articulation, rich tone and precise ensemble create an effect which surpasses even my original inner conception of the work." 

Paul Harvey


"Having played in the Phoenix Saxophone Quartet for nearly thirty years I can fully appreciate what is involved in acheiving good ensemble playing. The 'Inner City Four' are an excellent example of how a well-rehearsed group should sound. It is clear from their performance that they are totally familiar with each others playing as all of their entries are accurate and their intonation is first class. I was highly impressed by their performance of my 'Newsreel'. They are a highly energetic and confident quartet and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future."

James Rae


" I have recently been to see the 'Inner City Four', and I was impressed not only by their commitment as instrumentalists, but with their style of performance and ability to show why they are securing important commissions. A premiere quartet!"

Nigel Hinson
Clarinettist, Soloist


"Wonderfully spirited playing of solid arrangements... well-crafted, with great lines given to all four parts. The tempos, intonation, balance, rhythmic sense, and response indicate that this music is being played by accomplished players. It is a joy for me to hear such artistry so well executed, and on such fine music. BRAVO!" 

Gary Mortenson
ITG Publications Editor
Chair of Music, Kansas State University, USA